Working with me as your Certified Financial Planner brings Peace of Mind

We help you clarify your financial goals and accomplish them. By simplifying your financial life, creating an organized financial plan, and providing prudent investment advice that is customized for your risk comfort level, we help you protect your wealth, grow your wealth, and enjoy your wealth.

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We Put Your Interests First

Sadly, most financial advisors are not required to put their clients first. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are required to do so. We help you make decisions that are entirely in your best interest, without regard for our own financial interest.

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Investment Philosophy Grounded in Years of Market Experience

Supported by decades of research and analysis combined with Nobel-Prize winning academic research, we offer a disciplined and highly diversified investment approach. Our advice focuses on minimizing unnecessary risks and maximizing the probability of achieving your goals.

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A Strong and Experienced Team

We offer comprehensive planning, which means looking at financial decisions from all angles, including, but not limited to, the tax, legal, risk and investment considerations. We provide guidance from an advisor with broad based experience, and the support of a strong and experienced team of investment professionals.

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Straightforward Fees and Low Cost

Did you know that most financial advisors are compensated from product companies through hidden commissions? Our compensation is straightforward and transparent. We do not accept commissions, product incentives, or any other third-party payments which can create conflicts of interest.

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