Managing your investment portfolio/Managing your risk

We believe passionately that your investment approach should be aligned with where you are in your life. An investment approach for retirement funds should provide a financial blueprint that will help you afford your retirement. The overarching goal of investing for retirement is to set realistic expectations and maximize the likelihood that you will achieve your expectations – that you will enjoy your unique opportunities, meet your needs, address your concerns and achieve your goals.

We believe prudent investing should be based on verifiable studies, not speculative guess work and hunches.

We believe prudent investing should be based on verifiable studies, not speculative guess work and hunches. Investing should be approached as a science, grounded in the important lessons that we can learn from the history of the markets – 80+ years of market data and statistics and analysis combined with Nobel-prize winning economic research – and research that continues to this day and going forward.

We firmly believe certain principals that have worked in the past to make an investor successful, will continue to work in the future. Decades of history offer the best guide for identifying those principals and understanding what may happen in the future. Applying these principles can reduce the unnecessary risk from making arbitrary decisions.

We believe that patient investors will be rewarded with positive returns on their investments, and advocate the use of strategies that maximize the likelihood of capturing those positive returns for you.

We help you select the level of risk that you are comfortable with, and make sure that you understand the range of possible returns that you should expect based on the level of risk that you choose. While volatility cannot be eliminated, we can manage volatility and endeavor to optimize the expected return for any given level of risk.

We avail ourselves of the insights of behavioral finance on how people think, and how they act and make decisions. Your financial future is extremely important to us – we believe it is too important to let emotions and hunches or the thrill of “playing the market” get in the way of your portfolio’s success and your financial security. With our help, you can achieve the discipline to adhere to the golden rule – buy low and sell high.

We manage your portfolio to manage the tax consequences of investing activity.

Finally, we strive to keep costs reasonable and commensurate with the value to you.