Soon to Retire

The closer you get to your 60’s, the more you feel the need to plan for your retirement. Now is the time to determine whether you have saved enough to retire, or whether you need to continue working and what you must do to get ready for retirement.

Now is the time to examine how you are investing, when to take social security, and how to meet medical and long term care needs. Now is the time to take an inventory and start charting the course. Now is the time to decide whether you want to work with a financial advisor, or go it alone. Now is the time to plan for the unexpected.

Already Retired

No one should retire without a retirement plan.Your financial plan should include a complete inventory of what you have, updated periodically. Your financial plan should tell you how much you can afford to spend each year. Your financial plan should identify risks and should measure the odds of sustaining your present spending level. Your financial plan should incorporate tax minimization strategies.

Your financial plan should include a comprehensive investment strategy and an investment policy statement. Your financial plan should anticipate the unexpected, and prepare you for it, including your untimely disability or death. If you do all of the work for your spouse, you also need a plan to prepare your spouse for your untimely demise.

Women – and Men who prefer to work with women

Some people – both men and women – prefer to select women advisors, because they perceive that a woman brings a different perspective or a different approach to the advisory relationship.
Women often depend on their spouse to be their advisor, and then need a professional when they lose their spouse in divorce, disability or death.

Women often inherit wealth suddenly, and may lack the experience to manage it properly.
Husbands sometimes see the need to turn over the reins to a professional as they advance in age and eventually decline in ability, and prefer a woman advisor for their wife should she be the survivor.

For these and other reasons, some clients prefer an advisor who is a woman.


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