Preparing for a Successful Retirement

Characteristics of Investors Preparing for Retirement

  • Planning to retire in ten years or less
  • Portfolio is currently positioned for growth & capital appreciation
  • Cash flow plan for the next 5, 10, & 15 years is loosely-defined
  • Has managed their wealth without the help of an advisor, and is considering passing the work along to a professional


  • Is not confident in their current advisor's plan

A Plan for the Next Phase of Your Life

For many professionals, retirement is right around the corner, waiting with new experiences and new challenges. 

Over years of helping investors prepare for retirement, we have seen some common situations that face investors, including:

  • Transitioning from a growth and capital appreciation-focused portfolio towards an income-generating portfolio
  • Managing the switch from job income to portfolio income
  • Building a cash flow plan that accounts for planned expenses (purchases and experiences), including the effects of the purchase on future income generation
  • Deciding whether or not to seek professional investment advice

We have helped many investors create and refine their successful retirement plans using our wealth management process.