Retirement Gift Ideas For Men & Women

After coming to work, day in and day out, your co-worker is finally able to retire and spend the rest of their days doing whatever they please. It’s a special time in their life, much like buying your first home, getting married, or having a baby. Retirement signals the next chapter in life and should be celebrated. You want to get them a gift to show them that you recognize and celebrate their newfound freedom but aren’t sure what would be appropriate or appreciated. Here are some retirement gift ideas for those special people in your life.

A Bucket List Poster

retirement gift ideas

Image via Flickr by Kalexanderson

You can purchase a pre-made poster, or perhaps you know the retiree well enough to create your own version of a bucket list poster. Either way, having options for things to do when they get bored will be appreciated and might even get them to try new and exciting activities. A bucket list scratch-off or cross-off poster provides the retiree with a list of activities to choose from and a sense of accomplishment as they tick them off their list. Whether you purchase or create a poster, this retirement gift is both thoughtful and inexpensive.

Personalized Travel Bag

A personalized travel bag is a thoughtful and practical gift for the retiree who’s shared their vast travel plans, from hitting all 50 states to traveling across Europe. Several styles, materials, and sizes are available for a personalized travel bag, with a price range from low to high, allowing you to select a gift that fits their style and your budget. Consider options such as multiple pockets, zippered pouches, adjustable straps, and carrying handles, as well as durability when selecting the perfect travel bag.

Favorite Snack Pack

Another idea is to create a basket of their favorite snacks, from salty to sweet, along with a favorite beverage or two. This type of gift is very personalized and shows the recipient that you put some time and thought into putting it together, making it as special as the occasion. Consider their favorite nut mixture, cookies, chips, candies, and crackers for the basket. Then add their favorite flavored coffee, soda, wine, or spirit. As they munch on these treats in retirement, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and miss working with you, while they enjoy not working at all.

Bath Essentials Box

Retirement is all about relaxing and enjoying your downtime. What better way to do that than with a relaxing bath? You can purchase a pre-made spa box or create your own. Items include a scented candle, lip balm, lotion, fizzy bath bomb, scented soap, and perhaps even a bracelet or necklace as a special add-on. Lavender is known for its relaxation qualities, so if you’re unsure of a scent that the retiree will enjoy, it’s a safe bet to help them relax. Your co-worker will feel pampered by a spa day in their bathroom with this gift.

Personalized Travel Journal

Another idea for the retiree that plans to travel when the work is done is a personalized travel journal. This personalized gift allows them to document their travels along the way, keeping track of beautiful destinations, funny stories of other travelers they meet along the way, or amazing adventures that took them off the beaten path. Journals are available in various bindings, sizes, and styles to allow you to select a personalized travel journal that fits your co-worker’s personality.

Box of Mystery Books

This gift idea doesn’t necessarily mean books that fall into the mystery genre, but rather books the recipient won’t know the title of until they unwrap the book. Again, you can find a pre-made mystery book box or create your own. Select a variety of books that the retiree would enjoy and wrap each of the books in gift wrap, hiding the titles from the recipient.

Include a note explaining that the books are a mystery, and anytime your co-worker is up for an adventure in words, they can unwrap and enjoy. You could also add snacks, candles, or bookmarks to your box of mystery books.

The Experience Gift

Your co-worker will have more time on their hands to enjoy the little things in life, but also the big things. Consider gifting them an experience they won’t forget, such as a zipline adventure, a cruise, a spa day, or a behind-the-scenes adventure at your local zoo or museum. Other ideas include river rafting, a helicopter ride, a night out on the town in a limousine, snorkeling, or a professional sporting event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to gifting an experience, and you can make it something you know they already love or something new to try.

A How-To Class

Online and in-person classes are offered in everything from woodworking to baking to computer coding, allowing you to match interest with the recipient. They’ll enjoy a class or session of classes while learning how to do a new hobby or activity. Perhaps they’ve always wanted to know how to paint with watercolors, make donuts from scratch, or decorate cupcakes. Many online classes ship a package with the necessary materials out before the start of the class so that your co-worker can follow along in class without having to search up items beforehand.

A Wine Subscription

Purchase a subscription to wine, allowing your co-worker to sample and enjoy a new wine each month. A simple online search brings up numerous options, starting at just $5 a bottle. You can customize the subscription by flavors, styles, or price, and you determine how many bottles you’d like to send each month. Every month for a year, your co-worker will be reminded of your thoughtfulness while sipping a glass of wine. Check to make sure that the state your recipient retires to accepts shipments of wine, as it’s not allowable in all 50 states.

Everyone seems to look forward to retirement. It’s a time to do what you want, when you want, how you want, without any responsibilities to tie you down. Celebrate that special co-worker by letting them know you’ve enjoyed working with them and will miss seeing them at work every day with a unique gift. They’ll appreciate the time and energy you put into selecting the perfect retirement gift.

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