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Meet Our Team of Financial Planning Experts

The Strength and Endurance of a Team

In today’s complex and ever changing world, no one person possesses all of the knowledge necessary to provide “Total Wealth Management”. By teaming with other professionals, I, as your Personal Financial Specialist can focus attention on you and your goals and what you need to fullfill your goals – identifying new opportunities, monitoring your investments, finding suitable solutions that are appropriate to your needs, and updating your financial plan. Our team of professionals share a commitment to maintain excellent professional skills and to provide excellent client service.

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is a leader in developing asset class funds for institutional investors and independent investment advisors. Dimensional Fund Advisors’ mutual funds are designed to meet the needs of professional investors, and the firm’s resources are devoted to improving these strategies wherever possible.

Fund shares are not available directly to individuals but are limited to clients of a select group of financial advisory firms like 3D Wealth Advisors. Our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors is based on shared views about how capital markets work and how best to provide clients with a successful investment experience.

DFA’s investment strategies are supported by extensive historical research, which documents a reward for taking risk. Since the firm was founded in 1981, DFA has continued to work with some of the world’s leading financial economists to develop and enhance its strategies

Schwab Institutional is a pioneering firm with a long history of working exclusively with independent financial advisors. Schwab is the largest provider of dedicated custodial services to the independent investment advisor community, and offers investors a variety of advantages such as the convenience of local branches, specialized institutional trading, banking, trust and pension services, cash management tools, and 24-hour online account access.

Schwab provides cost-efficient access to the wealth management and investment products our clients need, with the financial safety and security that is crucial in today’s economic environment. Schwab is also a leader in technological innovation, which allows us to manage portfolios with efficiency and precision.

As co-founder of Sterling & Tucker, LLP, a Limited Liability Law Partnership and one of Hawaii’s premier estate law planning firms, and Sterling & Tucker, Inc., a tax consulting CPA firm, Michelle H. Tucker can tap into the firm’s cumulative knowledge to help address the multitude of issues that her clients might encounter over the course of their lives.  Information about Sterling & Tucker, LLP can be found at sterlingandtucker.com.  Information about Sterling & Tucker, Inc, can be found at cpasofhawaii.com